The Winery

Image History


Guido Brivio’s story began at the end of the 1980s when he acquired “Fratelli Valli di Stabio” with the help of his mother and uncle after finishing his oenology studies in France. The family has a background in the spirits industry and holds the licence to produce Cynar throughout Switzerland, but Guido’s true passion has always been elsewhere: in wine. It is this very passion that fuelled his desire to produce wine from grapes grown in the region of Ticino.
At that time, “Fratelli Valli” imported wine from abroad and produced around 5,000 bottles of Ticinese wine, too small a quantity to allow for new markets. Guido Brivio jumped at the chance to bring to fruition an idea that he had been thinking about for a long time: the creation of a new brand, based on the production of high-quality local wine with a new and attractive image.
Right from the start, Brivio Vini teamed up with Gialdi Vini and, thanks to the grapes supplied by the winegrowers from Mendrisiotto, the first wines of the new Brivio brand came into being. All the bottles were destined for top-class restaurants and dedicated connoisseurs.
In 2001, Brivio Vini SA was integrated in the Gialdi Vini SA Group. The slogan “United we stand” proved to be truer than ever on this occasion. These two important Ticinese brands have succeeded in producing a huge synergy effect which has made it possible to acquire a larger share of the market.
Brivio Vini SA is currently one of the top Ticinese winemaking companies. Its aim for the future is to produce refined, sophisticated wine and to guarantee that end customers can buy top-quality products.
Cellar technology
Image Cellar technology

The winery has been completely renewed with the adoption of the most advanced wine-making technology and the gradual replacement from year to year of all the wine-making machinery. Currently, the winery can process up to 300,000 kilos of grapes, through the use of high tech systems and thanks to the efforts of a young wine-making team, that attaches great importance to research in a region with long wine-growing and wine-making traditions.
To obtain the best grapes in Ticino, closer personal contacts were established with the region’s wine-growers and new vineyards were planted in accordance with the most recent wine-growing methods. They produce grapes of the highest quality, among the best that this territory can offer.

Image Aging

Aging of the wines occurs in French oak barrels that lie in our centuries-old cellars dug deep into the rock at the base of Monte Generoso. Ideal atmospheric conditions of constantly cool temperatures and just the right humidity are naturally maintained and assure the quality of our prized wines.

Image Tasting

All of our wines can be tasted and purchased in our new wine shop at the winery in Mendrisio. The Vinoteca wine shop is open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:45, and Saturday from 9:00 to 12:45.

In 2008, our guest house Le Palme was created when we renovated an old cellar in the park of our estate to receive larger groups for presentations and tastings.